PD: Precious time wasted?

In too many schools today, professional development is precious time wasted. To faculty, PD seems to do little to help with issues that impact daily challenges; to administration, staff members do not fully own the content presented in the sessions, causing achievement gaps to persist over time. When schools cannot function as effective professional learning communities, their mission is undermined, and cynicism dominates innovation.

The answer is Educators’ Intensive….

We are three local New York City educators, including a UFT chapter leader and the founding director of a charter school, who began work in early 2009 to arrive at a model for how staff development time–PD and regular team meetings–should look. We asked each other, “What would it take to have team meetings we all anticipated and which actually supported me in reaching my professional goals?” as well as “How can I really make a difference in my school’s outcomes and success?”

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